Creative thinking has been an experience that i will deeply cherish for a lifetime. What makes it a significant experience is that i will frequently remember it for a really long time. Today, i had a brainstorming session at work, and all we had to do as a team was to come up with initiatives. I was the head of the meeting as i am the team leader, and i knew for a fact that it was me who is supposed to guide them and to challenge them in a creative them as well as shed lights upon how to creatively think as well as how to follow any strategies that will lead them to come up with innovative ideas. I found myself introducing them to the concept of convergent as well as divergent thinking. We followed a lot of processes as well as strategies. Then, we stumbled upon the idea of deferred judgment. The meeting itself was a huge success and we ended up with lots of great, innovative as well as creative idea, alongside the fact of perfectly pitching the idea and the prototype we have established.

The course made me rethink in a whole different way, a creative one and one that is outside the box. The course was made into two modules, each module has its different aspects as well as different features to it and learning outcomes.

In Module 1, we learned a lot about functional fixedness, looking at things from different perspectives, trying to find inspirations from others and developing their ideas furthermore. By looking at SCAMPER’s way as well as many concepts discussed over the semesters, seeing many videos that would discuss how a creative idea was created as well as the stages they pass by to create an innovative ideas as well as ideas that serve many function for the audience needed. Then, we had the gift creating concept, we had to listen to our colleague talk about her last gift she gave, and all the process they have gone through through the gift giving experience and it was our mission to recreate the gift giving experience while solving the colleague’s problem. After recreating the gift’s experience we had to go develop a solution to food waste through its stages. My team and i, we tried to tackle the potato’s problem during the seeding time. Tackling the climate changes as well as global warming and severe environmental conditions may seem like a vain experience or rather a vain feature to tackle. However, we found it very interesting as well as challenging in terms of research as well as in terms of developing the prototype. Further on, we have established a prototype that would be an enclosed landscape preventing severe rains from damaging the crops whilst having microscoping openings that would enable the water droplets to get in yet not the dust particles. Also, above the enclosed landscape, we would put a solar system that would collect the solar energy. After developing our prototype, pitch about it as well as present it, we had found out that we had developed many skills than we have ever imagined. We have developed a skill for listening to others, to accept other ideas, get inspired by them, develop them as well as create our own through convergent and divergent thinking as well as efficient brainstorming sessions and a good spirited team work. By the end of module 1, we have known that we have already learned a lot by the first half of the course.

And then came Module 2, module 2 was about game design, and everything concerning it from how to create games from scratch, steps to follow when developing a game, and what to avoid and what to follow. We have played a lot of games including board games like ” Baladna”, digital games like ” Spent, BBC game, deprived mom and the partying game”. We have learned a lot about educational games and the process of making it. And then came my favorite part, designing an educational game. We have designed a game about mental illness and how the patient lived with it, and learned how to tackle different situations with his illness. The idea itself was pretty simple ” A board game where the player gets to draw a pile of card, underneath each was a mental illness written and the player has to live and act out different daily life routine all along having the illness.” I, personally, enjoyed designing the game, brainstorming as well as following all the steps to deliver the game we had.

The course was a rather interesting one, i believe everyone who took would have had in his mind that her would learn nothing and that basically it would be a course where playing and not learning reside. However, this was not the case at all. We had our share of good laughs as well as our entertained and playful moments but through it all we have learned a lot that we will take furthermore in our life.




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